"I'm the mom of two Cowan students who whole-heartily love Cyberkids. They enjoy the mixed age range and tell about how they help each other on the 'computer worlds.' My graduating 5th grader is upset that he will not be able to attend it next school year. It's nice that a safe and fun environment is available for them to explore with peers; obviously, if your child is interested in computers, Cyberkids will not disappoint."
Leslie N


Your Summer Camp programs and, perhaps even more importantly, your After School programs were vital & instrumental in fostering her technological confidence and many aspects of her current and future academic interests.

To that end, you might like to know, she is currently devouring a 7th grade course called "Technology & Careers" and is so full of  confidence for next year's "Keyboarding" class, it almost comes off as 'Bravado'.

I'd dare say, •you• had the largest hand in that.

So, in closing, please accept my most profound thanks, and those of my daughter, for every single gift you gave us, tangible & intangible. Through your hard work, dedicated professionalism, and genuine love for the subtle art of preparing our young people for a better path in life, she found a little bit of the person she wants to become.

I hope I'm not the only one to share this sentiment;
I •know• we're not the only ones who felt your effect.

Thank you, again.
Good luck in all your endeavors.

Cyberkids Parent from the Past,
aka Darby D's Proud Papa.


"Overall, Cyberkids built the foundation of my knowledge of technology in elementary school. It was an easy transition into middle school and now high school because I developed such a strong technological foundation in Cyberkids. Much of that was due to exploring and building confidence in my abilities.  In addition to learning, it was fun!  We got to explore our own interests, in addition to lessons. I would recommend it to all elementary age students."
Bradley C


"Jesse started going to Cyberkids in kindergarten. He immediately felt welcomed and had a sense of community. He has continued every year since. He will now be a third grader and has and had many friends of all ages. I see him developing into a wonderful mentor and leader. When I walk in to Cyberkids or just listen outside I can hear how much fun they are having and how they all sound like good friends. I can't say enough good things about the amazing job Mrs. Henderson has done with this wonderful group of kids!"
Lisa S